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Founded in 1979, Fiorenzo Tailors & Suit Makers is one of the most well-established tailoring houses in Thailand - a city considered as the world center for bespoke tailoring. With fabric and labor costs completely invincible, this has almost made Thailand a global tailoring hub now.

The word bespoke is derived from the verb to bespeak, to "speak for something". In terms of tailoring, Bespoke means to choose the fabric and the design of the suit yourself. The suit has to be made by hand from scratch according to your detailed measurements using high quality construction. Thailand has a global reputation for quality bespoke tailoring. At the top of the line is Fiorenzo Tailor & Suit Makers, where you will get personalized bespoke service with a smile. We understand your sartorial needs and discuss them with you while you are measured for an exceptional new wardrobe that’s completely original and made for you and you only.

At Fiorenzo Tailors & Suit Makers, we are focused on providing custom-made suits & tailoring services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of fabrics to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. To further enhance that, we stock over 3000 suit cloths and 5000 shirts fabrics, in any and every given colors and design that is imaginable.

In a world filled with people of all shapes, sizes and varying physical needs, the fashion industry has to recognize that not everyone is a perfect size. Private Tailoring by Fiorenzo Tailors & Suit Makers takes suiting into brave new territories. Providing a level of customer care, attention to detail and personalization usually only afforded to bespoke commissions, beautiful suits are made to measure at prices more readily associated with ready-to-wear.

No matter what shape or size you are, Fiorenzo Tailors & Suit Makers can create a custom-designed pair of trousers, sport coat, suit or other piece of clothing that will be attractive, appropriate and comfortable for you to wear. Client satisfaction and positive ratings have earned the company great repeat business. Fiorenzo Tailors & Suitmakers continues in its quest to assist clients in designing a clothing that compliment not only their body, but their personality as well..